Giclée Gallery

Steve Plummer

From the Artist

In the last fifteen years, I have become fascinated by watercolors. To be able to portray the beauty of country landscapes, old barns, porches, pools and waterfalls - this is what I work at. There is always the challenge of depicting new textures and images that present themselves. One of nature's particular bequests, snow, has often provided inspiring settings. One must learn to leave the white of the paper and paint the shadows. My latest endeavors in this area can be seen here.

Painting demands practice in the craft. This takes time and serious thought. However, I feel that for those of us who are somewhat latecomers to this wonderful medium, good composition is the primary goal. Images, foregrounds and backgrounds can be rendered in so many different ways but without design the viewer will never be captivated.

Steve Plummer

Electric Paintbrush

  Marlborough, MA.