Giclée Proofing -
the Artist Maintaining Control

Did you know ...?

Did you know that some color hues and intensities might not be reproduced using the Giclée process? This is due to the difference in the color spectrum (also known as "color space") between your art creation (oils, watercolors, charcoals, paper, etc.) and the Giclée printing process (inks and media).


"Do you see what I see ...?"

There is no getting around the fact - color interpretation is suggestive. The color that we see is the result of many factors.

Room lighting is a major factor in our interpretation of colors. Are you using natural light, kitchen lighting or a 5000k light box?

Green Door

The time of day should be taken into consideration. Is the sun shining in the windows or is it late at night and now past your bedtime? Are you viewing the print on Monday morning before your first cup of coffee or on Friday afternoon just as you're getting ready to leave the studio?

Chemistry of the body is also an important factor in our perception of color. How many cups of coffee or tea did you have today? Did you over eat at lunch, or did you have two bananas an hour ago? Considering the many factors, a CMYK proof MUST be printed before printing the final image.

The Chair

What is good for the proof is good for the print.

The next important consideration is the media of the proof and final print. Due to the color space of the various media, the proof and the final print MUST be printed on the same media. Example: Why proof on 90 lbs. hot press if the final print will be on 140 lbs. cold media, canvas or silk?

What is the size of the proof?

The size of the proof will vary according to the final size of the image. The average size of the proof is about 12" x 12". There is NO CHARGE for this proof.

During the proofing cycle, the artist can make changes in hues, intensity, saturation and brightness of the image. Simple changes such as removing 5% cyan or adding 10% yellow is quick and requires another proof. There is NO CHARGE to make this type of correction or the second proof. You will be invoiced for the postage.

Changes such as "make the printing warmer" can only be made with the assistance and at the directions of the artist. Just how warm is warm? Do we add 5% or 25% magenta? These changes will be invoiced for $20 per 15 minutes of computer time. Should a third proof be requested, you will be invoice for $25, plus the postage.

For the digital artist ...

For the digital artist, we'll send you the proof and the digital file so you can make your own changes. There is NO CHARGE for this proof. Should a third proof be requested, the invoice will be for $25 plus the postage.


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