Giclée Portfolios Printed by
Electric Paintbrush

You have only one chance to make that important impression - that "first impression".

This is your big break. An art director calls and wants to view your paintings or images. Quick - what do you do? You only have originals. You can't send the originals you may never see them again.

Y ou look for the 35mm camera and start photographing the paintings. Is the camera at the right angle? What film speed is load in the camera? How's the lighting? Is there too much glare from the lights? Should you take another picture just in case? Will the photographs really show my artistic ability? Should the pictures be enlarged? Should the images be printed on a color laser printer? What about the paper stock? Photo labs can't print on watercolor paper. If the photographs don't look like the original painting(s) than the color proofs won't either. Maybe there is still time to re-photograph the paintings, drive to the one hour photo lab and still have time to make the trip to the local Federal Express office. So many factors and very little room for error.

Electric Paintbrush hopes that someday you will receive that phone call(s). With your foresight and pre-planning of your portfolio(s) that you had printed at Electric Paintbrush, you will be ready.

Electric Paintbrush can provide multiple professional portfolios that can contain up to twenty giclée images. Each portfolio giclée image can be printed up to 17" x 14" on your chose of paper stock. Images can be removed or added to customize the portfolio in order to meet the art directors requirements. The name of the image and a copyright notice will be printed under the image.

We will use the same digital file when we print your giclée prints. Thus, we will not have a need to re-scan the transparency. Which keeps your cost down.

M ultiple portfolios printed by Electric Paintbrush, will expresses your artistic ability. You will want to sign each print. Guaranteed.

Electric Paintbrush

  Marlborough, MA.