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Friends and other links...

Along the way we have found many interesting friends that we would like to share with you. For their web site, click on the their names. For those without a web site, just e-mail them and tell them to get with the program.

Art Galleries

911 Gallery

911 Gallery is a not-for-profit organization. The gallery's goals include promoting public awareness and appreciation of digital media in the fine arts, and encouraging the development of innovative, quality digital art.

Design Studio

Ross Studio

A one stop source for Graphic Design, Web Design, Illustrations and Photography. The Ross Studio will assist you from the start of your project to finished.

Magazines on Giclée Art and Marketing Resources

Art Calendar

This magazine is dedicated to connecting artists with income and exhibition opportunities. Art Calendar's web site was created to open a dialogue between artist and to help them establish a presence in the on-line community.

Digital Fine Art Magazine

OOB - Out of Business


Do you want to succeed with a career as an artist? ArtNetwork provides marketing reference tools, resources and two newsletter, the ArtWorld Hotline and ArtSource Quarterly.

Artist and Photographers

Ruth West

>Unique Edition
     Dot Krause

     Karin Schminke

Under construction from this point on
Virginis Scott
Paul Light
Art Rainville
Bill Pette
Angela Perkins
Jim Veatch
Marla McCormick

Electric Paintbrush

  Marlborough, MA.